Rogue Anglers Company specialises in game fishing trips across India and brings finest fishing experience.

Angling or sports fishing in India means much more than just fishing.

It is chance to explore the spectacular landscapes, journey through country’s myriad cultures and traditions, and an opportunity to know her people, myths and mysticism up close. The country’s countless water bodies are teeming with some of the largest ,most beautiful, and toughest species of game fish. Anglers who travel all over the world vouch for the unmatched power.

We take pride of our team of keen specialist anglers with vast knowledge of nature and wildlife.

Years of angling experience behind the them ,our guides are local residents of the areas and know their surroundings in and out. Blessed with the knowledge that has been passed down to them by their forefather through the generations ,these guides will take you remotest and most exclusive waters accessible only to our guides.

Fishing in India is an adventure every travelling fishermen should experience atleast once in their lives.

Are you looking for Picturesque locations ,pristine and varied rivers and sea, colourful culture ,friendly inhabitants ,adventure and fun fishing? Here is what need to do? Reach us. Fly fishing, spinning or bait casting –whatever maybe your style-grab your fishing rod and join us for a trip of a life time-you won’t regret it.